12th International Conference in Nutritional and Environmental Medicine

Welcome to an international conference focused on discussions in the latest global innovations in preventive and curative cellular medicine.

Calendar icon August 27th & 28th
Location pin icon Venue: Ramada Resort, Kochi
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Integrative Functional Medicine & Community Medicine

Speaker Videos

Conference Highlights

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    Family Physician & Health Care

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    Epigenetic Intervention in Prevention and Cancer Management

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    Metabolic Therapy in Lifestyle Diseases

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    Innovations and latest trends in Health Care - EECP

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    Mind, Brain & Gut in Health


In this modern time, the majority of the population are affected by chronic non-communicable diseases that cannot be contained by standard conventional medical treatment. The simplistic cause and effect view of disease is unsuccessful in treating the current swell of chronic diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes, Alzheimer's, and more.

The new wave of chronic diseases without a specific cause needs newer systems-based approach with multiple targets to make a difference.

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Backed up by science

International and local experts will be delivering latest research and innovations in the areas of Nutrition, Diet, Herbs and other natural measures that are absolutely essential to achieve these results using a multi-dimensional approach.

This conference will highlight the role of the environment for the epigenetic expression of genes by combining food, nutrients, herbs and lifestyle measures to optimize health and reverse disease at a cellular level.

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Who can benefit from this event

This event is perfect for doctors, professionals, researchers, and students.

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Modern Medical Practitioners
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Traditional Medical Practitioners
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Wellness Professionals
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Researchers & Academicians

Pre-Conference Workshop

August 26th 2022
2 PM - 7 PM
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Track 1

Aesthetics Workshop

Topics Covered

  • Basics of Skin and Hair

  • Acne treatment

  • How to treat skin blemishes, dark spots, aging spots etc.

  • PRP Lysate for face & hair

  • Use of Neutraceuticals in your cosmetic/skin practice

Leroy Rebello
Dr. Leroy Rebello
Dermatologist, Cosmetologist & Aesthetic Medicine Practitioner, Pain Management
EECP workshop background
Track 2

EECP Workshop

Topics Covered

  • Latest trends of EECP

  • Not Just Coronary Artery Disease and Heart Failure

Studies support positive clinical benefit for

  • Peripheral vascular disease

  • Cerebral ishchaemia

  • Restless leg syndrome

  • Tinnitus

  • Retinal ischaemia

  • Erectile dysfunction

  • Sports performance

  • Antiaging

S S Sibia
Dr. S.S Sibia
Griger Williams
Dr. Griger Williams
MBBS, MD (General Medicine)


NEMCON allows a meeting of minds across India and Asia, even Australasia come together and talk about their experiences and knowledge about treatment of chronic diseases that is affecting the world's population in a effective integrative way.

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For more information, feel free to reach out to us at connect@nemconference.com

+91 95448 09991 (Jaikrishnan Sreekumar) +91 95448 09992 (Hima Bindu)

Alternatively, you may use the contact form.

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