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Epigenetic Reprogramming in Cancer Therapy
An image of Dr. Sreekumar A Dr. A. Sreekumar
Managing The Mind Body Connection; Tools To Better Health
An image of Prof. Dr. Ushy Mohandas Prof. Dr. Ushy Mohandas
Family Medicine - The Concept and need
An image of Prof. Dr. P.K Sasidharan Prof. Dr. P.K Sasidharan
Integrative Mental Health Care: From Theory to Practice
An image of Dr. Sreesudha Chepyala Dr. Sreesudha Chepyala
My Food Plate
An image of Dr. Leroy Rebello Dr. Leroy Rebello
Ozone Therapy as prevention medicine
An image of Dr. Mili Arpan Shah Dr. Mili Arpan Shah
Prebiotics and probiotics in aging patients
An image of Dr. Sunitha Kaur Ahluwalia Dr. Sunitha Kaur Ahluwalia
Fasting and Diabetes - Understanding the mechanisms that work
An image of Dr. Lenny Da Costa Dr. Lenny Da Costa
Bioregulatory medicine
An image of Dr. Praveen Kumar Saxena Dr. Praveen Kumar Saxena
Newer trends; Where there is blood flow- there is ECP
An image of Dr. Sukhbinder Singh Sibia Dr. Sukhbinder Singh Sibia
Human Memory
An image of Dr. Anand Kumar Dr. Anand Kumar
Medicinal Cannabis in cancer and COVID - The sacred plant
An image of Prof. Dr. Ian Brighthope Prof. Dr. Ian Brighthope
Understanding and Preventing Neurodegenerative Disease
An image of Dr. Michael Osiecki Dr. Michael Osiecki
Advanced Integrated Approach in sports medicine
An image of Dr. Arshad P Dr. Arshad P
Alzheimer's Disease and Cancer:Discovery of Drugs for future
An image of Prof. K. S. Rangappa Prof. K. S. Rangappa
Aesthetic medicine: Understanding body dysmorphic disorder
An image of Dr. Paramjit Kaur Dr. Paramjit Kaur
Imbalance between Medicine and law
An image of Adv. Rajesh Kumar T.K Adv. Rajesh Kumar T.K
1. Benefits of Alkaline Diet.
2.The Importance of Hyperuricemia
An image of Dr. Patana Tengumnuay Dr. Patana Tengumnuay
Role of polyherbal metabolites in the prevention and progression of diabetes
An image of Dr. Satish Kumar R.C Dr. Satish Kumar R.C
The Tumour Growth Paradox
An image of Dr. Suresh Shottam Dr. Suresh Shottam